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Hello and Welcome! 

Thank you for choosing Villa Viva during your stay in Arusha. 

We aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience, with a family-home-based atmosphere. 


We created this portfolio in order to make sure that you have all the information you need.

Important Info

Important Telephone Numbers (calls & WhatsApp):

If in need of assistance or emergencies, please contact one of our staff members:  

Grace (Hostel Manager): +255 718 946 221 (off on Sundays) 

Venance (Guide): +255 762 026 894 (off on Sundays) 

Tizia (Owner): +255 686 490 500

Office Hours:  

Our office is open Monday-Sunday from 9 am-5 pm. 
Outside of office hours, you can reach us via Whatsapp/calls

or simply speak to our staff members who are around 24/7.


Check-In / Check-Out:

Check-in: 12 pm

Check-out: 10 am

To enter the complex from outside, there is a bell on the wall to the right when you are standing in front of the first gate. 



Monday - Thursday: 7 am-10 am  

Friday - Sunday: 7 am-11 am 

For earlier breakfast please notify us in the evening. We charge 2.000 Tsh for a take away container.

Our cook serves coffee, tea, fresh juice, toast, jam, vegetables, fruits, eggs, pancakes, and a special dish of the day.



On Saturday and Sunday we serve food from 11am to 2pm.
Please check the menu at the bar, office or in the hostel for our selection of
bites, burger, salads, pasta and burger.


Dinner is served daily at 7 pm for 6$/15.000 Tsh per person. 

Please inform us before 5 pm if you would like to join us for dinner. 

We cater to all allergies and diet restrictions. 

See the dinner plan on the corkboard in the dining room or at the end of this document.


FREE: Refill your own water bottles with our safe filtered drinking water in the dining room.

PURCHASE: You can also purchase bottled water, soda, and beer at our Sunset Bar on the rooftop.


We accpet cash payments (USD or Tanzanian Shillings) and credit cards with a 5% surcharge for bank fees.

Amenities We Offer

Amenities We Offer



If you are traveling with children and need some time for yourself, we can organize experienced and trustworthy babysitters and nannies. 

Sunset Bar:

Drinks are available at all times, just inform our staff members. 

Our rooftop bar is open daily from 8 pm. 

We offer a wide range of sodas, beers, shots, cocktails, and long drinks.

Cigarettes, lighter, and Shisha is also sold at the bar. 

Convenience Store:

We stock a range of everyday items such as snack foods, drinks, and toiletries in the office.  


Gift Shop:

We invite you to take a gift or souvenir home with you, from handmade clothes, bags, jewelry, artifacts, and more for affordable prices. 

All our products are from our volunteer projects, so you will be supporting a good cause.  


Private rooms: In order not to disturb your privacy we don't do room service for short terms stays. Please let us know when you need new bedsheets, towels, or your room to be cleaned. Give us your key in the morning and our housekeepers will take care of it.  

Dorms: Bathrooms and the floor are cleaned on a regular basis. If you want new towels or bed sheets, please let us know. 

Hot shower:

Every room has a bathroom that is equipped with a boiler.

For hot water turn on the red switch in your room15 minutes before you take a shower. 

Please switch off the boiler after your shower. 

Please keep shower lengths to a minimum, and turn off faucets when not in use to conserve water.  



You have access to the main kitchen which is equipped with a kettle, toaster, microwave, and gas cooker. 

Free coffee and tea are available at all times during the day. 

There is a refrigerator and shelves where you can store your groceries.

Please write your name on your groceries so our staff knows what belongs to you.


FREE Hand wash. 

Wash your own laundry in the big sink on the rooftop. You will need to provide your own washing powder. You can hang your laundry on the rooftop to dry. 

Washing Machine (15.000 Tsh per load):

​Please put your laundry in the provided basket and give it to our housekeepers.​

Depending on the weather conditions, your laundry will be returned to you within a day or two.  

If your shoes are dirty after a hike our housekeepers can clean them for 5.000 Tsh. 

Lending Library:  

We have a public bookshelf on our terrace, you will find a variety of books for you to read. 

Feel free to take a book home and leave one that you have already read.  

Luggage Storage: 

We are happy to store your luggage while you are on safaris, mountain climbs, etc. 

Please bring your luggage to the office before you leave. 

This service is free of charge.  



The pool is open from 6 am to 6 pm. 

Be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty, swimming is at your own risk.

Children must be watched by adults at all times. 


On our rooftop, you can find sun loungers, benches, and our Sunset Bar.


Free of charge. 

Store your valuables in the lockers in the dining room.

Just take a free lock and keep the key until you leave. 

Please leave the key in the lock when you depart. 

We cannot be held responsible for stolen or lost items. 


We can organize transportation to airports, bus stations, and train stations. 

The cost differs based on the location, e.g. from/to Kilimanjaro International Airport 50 USD, Arusha Airport 20 USD, town 20.000 Tsh. 


The Wifi password is villaviva2024, please note the internet can be slow at times.

If the Wifi doesn't work please inform us immediately.

If issues stand please inform our staff and we will do our best to help.



Please book your spa treatment in the office. 

There is a spa menu in the dining room on the corkboard or/and see the spa menu below.


Yoga Class: 

Every Monday and Thursday from 5 pm - 6 pm we have a Yoga class in the hostel hosted by a local Yoga Teacher. It's 10.000 Tsh per lesson.

Tours We Offer

Tours We Offer

Prices include all charges, fees, transport, a lunch box and are indicated per person.


Arusha Town Tour – half-day (20$) 

Do you want to visit Arusha by yourself? Learn how to take a daladala (bus)? Find your way around by walking? We will show you how with our Arusha Town tour! From the Hostel, we will take a daladala to Shoppers together, the biggest supermarket in town. There are also different restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, bureau de change, and ATMs. From there we start walking up the Sokoine Road, passing by the main market which offers fruits and vegetables among others, and a second-hand market. Afterward, we will stroll by the Maasai Market where you can find a lot of handcrafted work. We will also make you familiar with the area around Clock Tower where you can find nice restaurants, ATMs, bureau de change and bookshops. 


Napuru Waterfall – full day (60$) 

We will go for a three hours hike to the waterfall through villages and wonderful nature. If we are lucky we will be able to see many birds and monkeys. At the waterfall, we will have lunch and the opportunity to go swimming. It will take about two hours to walk back to the Hostel. If you do not want to walk, transport will be an extra 10€.


Lake Duluti& Forest Walk – half-day (60$) 

Lake Duluti is around 10 kilometers away from town. After a two-hour walk around the lake through a forest with the opportunity to see birds, monkeys, and different plants we will have lunch at the lake, play cards, drink a soda, or simply enjoy the view. For an additional fee, there is the option of canoeing across the lake.


Coffee Plantation – full day (70$) 

Do you love to drink coffee? Then this tour is perfect for you!

In the morning we travel to the coffee plantation nestled at the slope of Mount Meru. On arrival, we learn how coffee grows and is harvested. We will roast, grind and drink our own coffee and you will have the opportunity to learn about the sugarcane plantation. On our trip, we will walk around the villages and learn about the Meru culture.

Oldonyo Sambu Maasai Market – full day (50$, only Saturdays) 

We will leave the busy city behind us driving towards Nairobi, where Oldonyo Sambu is situated in the Maasai Land. On the market, you will get the chance to buy Maasai blankets and jewelry and see how food and different animals are traded. This tour can be combined with the Maasai Villiage visit.


Maasai Village – full day (70$) 

In the morning we make our way to a Maasai village. At the village, we will be welcomed by local Maasai people. They will show us around and teach us their tradition and (former) ways of life. When we return to the village a hot local lunch will be waiting for us.  You will also go on a bushwalk learning the different plants the Maasai use as medicine. The opportunity to learn about local dances, Maa-language, and other traditions will also be offered. 


Chemka Hot Springs (Maji Moto) – full day (70$) 

The hot springs are located on the way to Moshi. From the main road, it is a 30-minute drive to the Hot Springs, which are surrounded by stunning nature. This tour can also be done as a sleepover trip with camping. Ask us for details! 


Moshi town &Materuni Waterfall with coffee tour – full day (70$) 

We begin our trip towards Moshi early in the morning. When the sky is clear we are able to see Kilimanjaro on the way. Once in the village of Materuni, there will be a lot to discover. We learn about the Chagga based there. They will tell us about their culture, way of life and we will learn a lot about the cultivation of coffee and how it is harvested. We will roast, grind and drink our own coffee. Then a short hike takes us to the Materuni waterfall, the highest waterfall in Tanzania. Materuni is located near the Kilimanjaro National Park and is surrounded by beautiful nature. You will have the chance to see birds, butterflies, and at times monkeys. 


Moshi town & Marangu, Chagga Caves, and Ndoro Waterfalls – full day (70$) 

In Moshi, you will get the chance to go shopping and see the town. From Moshi, we continue to Marangu, the starting point for one of the routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. From there we drive to the Chagga caves that were built during the war between the Chagga and the Maasai. After Lunch, we continue to Ndoro Waterfalls. A steep climb takes us to the Water. Bring your swimsuit and you can stand under the waterfall.


Swing Adventure with Waterfall and ViewPoint – full day (55$) 

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous day trip that is not a long drive from Nyumbani Hostel, then this tour is perfect for you! We start with a short one-hour hike that gives you an excellent view of Arusha and the natural scenery surrounding the area. After hiking, your tour guide will bring you to a swing that takes you more than 5 meters off of the ground. After hiking and swinging, you will be provided with a delicious lunch before being taken to a beautiful waterfall, where you are able to swim.


Other trips we can organize: 

Safaris: From day trips to multiple days in all National Parks in the Northern Circuit 

Mountain Climbs: Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro, Oldonyo Lengai. 

Bicycle tours, Lake Chala Visit, and more! 


Most tours can easily be combined!

Help Us Grow

Help Us Grow!


Reviews are the best way to help us grow! 

You can review us on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Google  

BONUS: Earn a free drink (soda, beer, or shot) as a thank you for taking your time and writing a review!



Social Media:  

We have 2 Instagram accounts

Villa Viva Tanzania

Viva Tanzania

Feel free to give us a follow and stay up to date with our projects and the Villa!  

Please link us in your posts/stories too so we can see and hear about your experience! 



Community Newsletter

We send a newsletter four times per year to former guests and volunteers to keep them updated about our social projects, the hostel, and everything else going on. 

You can sign up by informing grace, the hostel manager. 

Around Town

Around Town


How to get around:


Dogo (1-4 people): +255 757 535 465 

John (1-7 people): +255 686 276 890 

We are happy to assist you in arranging safe and affordable transport. 


Depending on your symptoms we will recommend you a hospital/doctor. 

In case of an emergency, we suggest the Seliani/ Lutheran Medical Clinic (Florida Road close to Manzini).



German Boma Museum (Boma Road) 

National Natural History Museum (Boma Road) 

Arusha Declaration Museum (Kaloleni Road) 

Cultural Heritage (next to AIM Mall) 




Sunset Bar: on our rooftop: live music, music nights, BBQ, and bonfire 

Thursday: Karaoke at Zeze Lounge  

Friday + Saturday: The Hub, Aces often with Live Music  

Alliance Francaise: Concerts, Parties

Sakina lounge: Restaurant and bar with live music and cocktails 

El-Toro: a good place to have dinner and drinks (Njiro Complex) 

Billy's River Lounge: (local bar, Sunday live music) 

Rafiki Juice Bar: Local bar (Especially on Tuesday) 




Safety at the Hostel

​Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hostel. 

Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am.

The use of illegal drugs is prohibited on hostel property.

Never leave the hostel premises on foot alone at night.   

Intentional damage and vandalism of all kinds lead to an immediate house ban.  

No visitors. The only people allowed on hostel property are those staying at the hostel. 

Private property, personal items, and valuables may not be used or taken without asking the owner in advance.  

In the event of violations or offenses, our staff is authorized to issue house bans. 

We have security cameras in the public areas of our hostel for the safety of our guests and staff. 



Stay safe in Arusha


Dress code: Please be aware that Tanzania is still a very conservative country. Whenever you go to a village, please cover from shoulders to knees. If you attend a church service please cover shoulders, hips, and knees.  


PikiPiki (motorcycle taxi): Tanzanian law states a helmet must be worn. Make sure that the driver is fit to drive and only get on if they are not drunk or under the influence of drugs. Also, decide whether the motorcycle is in good condition, the tire tread is intact and whether you can hold on safely. 



Bus travel: only travel with bus companies that register all passengers before the journey (we are happy to recommend bus companies). Do not eat or drink anything during the bus ride that is offered to you by a passenger and always keep an eye on your hand luggage. 



Pickpockets: most prevalent on DalaDala rides, market visits, and strolls through town. Make sure to store valuables away and always keep an eye on your bags. When making a purchase, do not show anyone how much money you have with you and put your wallet safely back before continuing. 



Look for suitable transport such as a taxi with a driver whom you know or has an official license. In case of doubt or if you can't find your way back, contact the hostel staff. 

In the event of a robbery, it is advisable to hand over valuables without resistance to prevent you from being injured. 

Stray dogs: Many dogs living in Arusha roam freely on the streets. Some stray dogs might have rabies or can be aggressive, so do not approach them. If you see a dog being abused or a seriously injured dog, please report this to a staff member immediately.



Villa Viva Spa Menu

AROMA THERAPY MASSAGE – 50.000 Tsh (1 hour) // 80.000 Tsh (1.5 hours)

This massage is perfect for everyone who enjoys scents and wants to experience an emotional healing component to their massage. This type of massage can help boost your mood, reduce stress and relieve muscle tension/pain.

This Aroma Therapy Massages combines soft, gentle pressure with the use of essential oils.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: - 60.000 Tsh (1 hour) // 90.000 Tsh (1.5 hours)

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than the Aroma Therapy Massage. It’s a good option if you have muscle pains, soreness, injury, imbalance, tightness and/or chronic muscle pain. During this massage we use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissues.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: 30.000 Tsh (30 mins)

This special and unique massage originates from India. It has been practiced since 600 B.C. and is part of Ayurveda. This massage focuses to relieve tension of the scalp, stimulates hair growth and promotes deep sleep.


This upper body massage is ideal for everyone who wish to enjoy a fast relaxation and pain relieve. It soothes away tension and fatigues especially after a long day at the desk. Pressure will be applied according to your wishes.

FOOT MASSAGE: 25.000 Tsh (30 mins)

The massage is best for people who are looking to relax and/or restore their energy levels. It’s also a good option if you aren’t comfortable being touched on the head/neck and back. The massage can help to relaxation, reduced pain and fatigue as well as improve sleep.

PEDICURE 25.000 Tsh (1 hours)

Pamper your feet with a relaxing treatment that includes washing and scrubbing your feet and legs. Dead skin will be removed and nails will be cut and filed into the shape of your choice. After a little foot massage, we will finish off the pedicure with nail polish.


MANICURE: 20.000 Tsh (45 mins)

A complete hand treatment where we wash and massage your hands. The nails will be cut and filed into the shape of your choice. The manicure will be finished with nail polish.

FACIAL: 45.000 Tsh (1 hours)

Lay back and relax while we pamper your face. Using different product, the clean, moisturize and revitalize your skin leaving you with a “new born” feeling.



A sugaring paste will be used to remove unwanted hair.


  • Full legs – 20.000 Tsh

  • Half legs – 15.000 Tsh

  • Full arms – 15.000 Tsh

  • Half arms – 10.000 Tsh

  • Full bikini – 30.000 Tsh

  • Arm pits – 10.000 Tsh

  • Full body – 60.000 Tsh



  1. 60 mins aroma therapy massage + pedicure = 70.000 Tsh

  2. “Get ready for the weekend”: Manicure + Pedicure = 40.000 Tsh

  3. (valid on Thursday & Friday only)

  4. Sunday relaxation: 60 mins deep tissue massage + facial = 95.000 Tsh (valid on Sunday only)

  5. Volunteer offer: 10% off for all treatments

KARIBUNI SANA - Please book your treatment in the office



























Spa Menu
Dinner Plan
Dinner Plan (1).png
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